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An Open Letter to Our Clients,


Growing Green Consulting is committed to helping patients and caregivers cultivate their own organic medicinal marijuana by providing assistance through training and support in the privacy of their own home. We are family-friendly, stigma-free, and we are open to helping all registered patients and caregivers within the state of Massachusetts. Growing Green Consulting is also committed to helping non-registered patients and caregivers become registered within the state of Massachusetts.  We strive to create a community of patients and caregivers who are confident in growing their own medicine.


In an expanding industry in which reliable resources are difficult to find, our goal is to spread knowledge and help patients in our community with personal support. From the initial consultation*  to harvesting your first plants, Growing Green Consulting is there every step of the way. By offering extended support options, it shows that Growing Green Consulting is committed to your success as a member of our community. Having your own "Garden Gnome" makes it easy and actually fun to grow your own medicine.




At Growing Green Consulting we understand how confusing this whole process is. We, as a couple and as a business, hope to help as many people as we can in this process that has taken too long to come to fruition. We  deserve to have AFFORDABLE and SAFE ACCESS to our naturally growing medication. We understand what it's like to be a patient with no where to turn. We have been there and want you to know that we plan to make this process as easy as we can for anyone and everyone who has a valid registration card. We are building a community of patients and caregivers who can rely on each other and rely on us for support. Together we can shape the way of modern medicine. Together we can Cultivate with Confidence in our Community.






  Timothy and Elizabeth Jenks

       Founders, Growing Green Consulting



Did you know:

                according to Massachusetts law, Chapter 369, Section 11

"The Department shall issue a cultivation registration to a qualifying patient whose access to a medical treatment center is limited by

verified    financial hardship, a physical  incapacity to access reasonable transportation, or the lack of a treatment

center  within a reasonable distance of the patients residence."


P: 413.923.4475


* A one time consultation fee of $129 is expected at the time of the initial visit. All other prices are subject to the discretion of Growing Green Consulting.

Disclaimer: The content of this web-site is for the sole purpose of information about Growing Green Consulting. Growing Green Consulting is NOT a medical provider office and should not be treated as such. For ANY medical needs, please contact your primary health care provider. Growing Green Consulting provides consultation, quotes, references and individual support for Registered Massachusetts Medical Marijuana patients whom have the legal right to grow under Massachusetts state law, Section 11, Chapter 369. Growing Green Consulting does not dispense marijuana in any form (such as seeds, clones, plants, flowers, dried product, raw product, cooked or infused product or any other product containing marijuana in any form) to it's clients or the public. In order to become a client with Growing Green Consulting, each client must possess their own valid registration through the state of Massachusetts. Should the registration become invalid, Growing Green Consulting will assist the client in obtaining a valid registration. Should the client be denied valid registration, Growing Green Consulting shall immediately cease consulting and support until the client has legally obtained a valid registration with the state of Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Growing Green Consulting does not provide legal advice.

Equipment Set Up

"Fast. Easy. Energy efficient. My set-up is awesome and my plants are happy happy happy!"



"Not only am I taking care of my plants but my plants are taking care of me. That's pretty cool."


Fresh and Organic

"My fresh fruit canna-smoothie gives me the energy and pain-relief I need for the day. Did I mention it helps me maintain my calorie count?"



"I didn't know I could grow medicine this good! It's feels amazing to say, "I grew that!'"



"A cookie a day keeps my seizures away. Thank you Growing Green Consulting!"


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we offer assistance with

Garden Gnomes have been around for centuries and are thought to bring success to gardens. "Gnoma" is the Latin word for Gnome and means "Knowledge". Gnomes are symbols of the earth and they offer support in your garden through stability, grounding and rooting qualities. We call our techs "Garden Gnomes" because that is what they are. Our Garden Gnomes offer knowledge and support and encourage you to grow your plants. Contact us to schedule your appointment with one of our Garden Gnomes today!

What is a Garden Gnome?


Fresh and Organic

Whole Plant Medicine

Marijuana isn't just for smoking. Whole-plant medicine starts way before harvest. Learn about the benefits of raw consumption of your medicine. Find out how you can medicate through out the day but not have the "high" you generally get from smoking. Get your pain, anxiety and migraine relief from your plant through out the growing cycle instead of having to wait until harvest. Knowing that you have the freshest organic ingredients in your own kitchen will also inspire you to eat a more healthy rounded out diet. Talk to our Health and Wellness expert on how you can incorporate raw cannabis into your every day diet. Yum!


Cooking Has Never Been So Fun

Infusing butter and oil has never been easier with these time saving and cost effective methods. Learn how to make your own bases that you can add to just about anything you eat! Learn safe handling as well as proper cooking temperatures and times to ensure the best edibles for you. Make cookies, candies, breads, pasta, salads...the possibilities are endless. One session with our consultants will leave you feeling like you have control of your medicine and your diet in your own kitchen.

Equipment Set Up

Energy Efficiency

Starting from scratch is never easy. With the market in growing essentials and accessories booming, new growers have plenty to chose from. Let our Garden Gnomes help you by assessing your growing space and medicinal needs. Together we can help find you what you need at the price you can afford. Thinking about building a space and need a reliable discreet contractor? We can pair you up with someone in your area!


How Does Your Garden Grow?

Starting with your very own seeds, we show you step by step how to plant your medicine. Each week, based on your schedule, one of our Garden Gnomes will come to your home and provide training and support. Learn propagation techniques to save you time and money when growing your own medicine. No matter where you are in your growing cycle, you can be confident in knowing that we are here to help you.


Reap What You Sow

Harvesting your medicine the right way means a world of difference in quality for you. Different techniques are applied during the harvesting stage to ensure the best whole-plant medicine possible. Learn what works best for you and your medicine during this session. Get the most out of your plants; you deserve it after all of your hard work!